• Commitment to quality

    MOLAFLEX COLCHÕES, S.A. has defined a Policy for its Management System based on the general policies of the Group, with a view to the Continuous Improvement of the Organization and based on the following guiding principles:

    Proactively exceed customers' expectations.
    Enhance Molaflex's image at leadership levels.
    Ensure the quality of its products in an improved and continuous manner.
    Comply with the social and environmental requirements and abide by the legal requirements.
    Add value to the Shareholder.
    Integrate the Environmental Management within the Company's global management.
    Continuously improve the environmental performance of its operations, products and services, preventing pollution by seeking to reduce systematically the respective environmental impacts and favouring the adoption of the best techniques available.
    The Policy defined by MOLAFLEX arises as a means to achieve the following ends:
    Providing a wide range of products with different rest systems for complete consumer satisfaction.
    Achieving high levels of presence in the media for customer communication.
    Equip itself with the necessary means and equipment to achieve high levels of quality in products and processes.
    Adopting materials and processes that comply with the social and environmental rules.
    Providing a significant return on invested capital.
    Comply with the applicable environmental laws and regulations and environmental commitments that it may have subscribed, while seeking to prepare itself in advance for the application of new legal requirements.
    Minimise waste production and favour the recovery of the generated waste, ensuring that the remaining rejects are referred to an appropriate final destination.
    Influence suppliers of products and services to adopt environmentally responsible behaviours and practices.
    Raise awareness and train all its employees, thus enhancing environmental awareness and responsibility, at individual and collective level.